We’re rebooting!

$sudo reboot -p 'Please note we'll be upgrading our servers during the downtime. We remind users to save any open work, as content may be disturbed'

sorry, sorry, couldn’t resist. Jekyll + markdown is definitely a whole lot easier than writing HTML line by line.

I’ve cast off the chains of Windows for good. Permanently. And good riddance. Windows 10 was just far too much of a behemoth OS for me to able to get things done in any sort of nimble manner on my puttering decade-old laptop (not to mention the various broken miscellanea… the gaping hole where there once was a DVD drive (removed to cool the machine! More airflow!, the missing headphone jack (minimal cooling gains there, sadly), the broken hinge, the no-longer-switchable switchable-graphics, so on and so forth). While I’m not giving up on it yet—mainly because it’s going to take me months to dig off all my old content and backup properly—I’ve commandeered another machine, and it’s nothing but (free and open-source) sailing from here! Right now I’m going with Mint. No, not because it’s all eye-candy and hand-holding, but because I like mint. It’s a danmed delicious herb! Why, it used to dominate the raspberry bushes we had growing in our backyard back in the day! Ok, so yes, I’m smashing around in bash like a blind, enraged chimp who’s all thumbs and no fingers; but I do pledge myself to learning it the hard way. I’m already enticed… package managers man… holy. Once you go apt, you never go back!

Relatedly, the switch over to Linux looks to have finally allowed me to get Jekyll up and running. Or it least it’s looking like it has from this, unpublished side of the fence. If you go back through this site’s commit history, you’ll see far to many comments along the lines of “Jekyll test”, “maybe jekyll?”, “uhhhh…hopefully jekyll”. Windows was not a friendly environment for it. Any-hoo, I’ve scraped clean the bones of something witty TBD. My ground-up attempt at building the site, coupled with a hodge-podge of sporadic attempts to get Jekyll working had left somewhat of a mess of pages and assets in no neat order. So I’ve sanitized, will get up to snuff with using this build engine, and bring in all back online better than before. And actually start getting around to posting and all that fun stuff!

So friends, welcome to my oasis of horror in a desert of boredom reboot! Ain’t it just… dandy


      In other news, this reboot may see the emergence of Capital Letters. I remain ambivalent on the issue.